Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year - NEW and BETTER You - Take The 41 Day MakeOver Challenge

 The year 2020 on the Gregorian Calendar (5780 Hebrew Calendar) is certainly one to be remembered. For all its challenges ,(mainly concerning that which stemmed from the corona virus), it has its own silver lining as well. Much of the good will certainly take some time to see, but here are a few.

1) The use of plastic bags has been almost completely eliminated in most grocery stores. We all know by now that plastic in landfills and in the ocean has presented some major challenges in our eco-system. It's primary issue is that it simply is not biodegradable in its current form. 

2) There has been less commuting which reduces CO2 emissions.

3) There has been more time together as a family. Ultimately, it is intended to be good. 

4) People are more deliberate about the character of the person they are dating or intend to marry as that is the person with whom they will spend the most time with in covid19 lock-down or in quarantine.  It helps to have a happy heart when healing or preventing illness.

5) People are becoming more aware as to what they eat.  After all, after days and weeks of pizza and pancakes either your stretch pants or your pandemic paranoia will make you consider what's in your food - atmosphere - vaccine etc.

6) More people are making their house a home. This includes more time creating a beautiful indoor and outdoor environment which is always nice.

7) More people are gardening which is great for the environment.

8) People are drinking more water. Even if it's to rehydrate after the first ninety days of ordering cases of beer and wine to sustain them through what they thought was going to be a brief pandemic. Home schooling your children and working from home requires a sober mind...eventually.

9) Working from home is real. Many people who worked 9-5 thought people who worked from home were on a perpetual vacation. The "vacay" was from tight shoes, spanks, and stiff clothes. But the discipline it takes to work from home is now known by all to be authentic. Adults who thought parents who work from home with small children had it easy can think again. Balance and self-discipline are key, but the rewards are great. Perhaps it's knowing that instead of their kids going to therapy because of parental neglect, parent can now go to therapy instead for "me time". 

10) More people are taking time to pray and meditate. See #9. Some (including me) would say prayer and meditation are more affordable than seeing a therapist. After all, your parents can only give you what they have. 

You can't pour from an empty cup. If they don't know themselves or have it, they can't give it to you.

God is far more accountable. Yet in both cases it comes back to "your issues".  

Depending on your therapist, God is more subtle, more affordable, and yet gives a DEEP mental massage with few if any side effects. The downside, unlike your therapist, you can't lie to GOD.  He already knows the truth. He just needs you to admit (acknowledge) it so you can move onward to a better you and fulfill that purpose assigned to you at birth in a beautiful way.

11) People are thinking more about their purpose. Time at home will do that.

12) People are becoming more discerning about their community and environment. Thus, many people have moved into other cities, states, or provinces to experience greater joy often times at a more affordable price.

13) No gloveless handshaking. Come on, didn't you always wonder? (But hugs and "the urban dap" will be missed) But you can always dab. Ask Cam Newton.😄

14) Mandatory hand washing (see #13)

There's more. But you can fill it in for yourself. You just have to try.

Want to see, experience, share a better year?  


1) Get a JOY Journal. Find at least ten things for which to be grateful daily. Get a separate journal for your teens too. They need a good start in life.

2) Join the 41 day challenge. Can you go for 41 days without complaining about anything?

People who focus on joy and gratitude get more joy and things for which to be grateful. People who complain get more to complain about. It may be difficult at first. If you fall, get up and start again with day 1. 

If you do this, you will experience a breakthrough on another level for things you struggled with in the past. Remember, it's the EASIEST but one of the most challenging mind/soul DIETS you may have ever experienced to date. Many people have built their entire lives around it!

People often wonder what's so special about me that GOD should speak to me. The answer is I don't know. I don't think I'm special. My experience is unique but it was not intended to be. 

I believe my "unique" experience will become a lot more common.  After all, GOD spoke to me over twenty years ago and gave me this little tip that I am sharing with you today. Minding it, changed everything for me. I'm not always good at it now, but I used to be very good at thinking positive and believing in the best for others. I believe I will be again. You can read my book, My Love is One, for details.

Here I'll get you started. Are you COVID19 free? Thank you GOD that I don't have the corona virus! - OR -  Thank you GOD that I'm healthy.

Then start focusing on the parts (of your body and life) that work and by faith thank GOD for healing the parts that need healing.  Get the idea? Now it's your turn! #SEEandEXPERIENCEMiracles

"He who sacrifices a thank offering honors Me, and to him who rights his way, I will show the salvation of God.” Psalm 50:23

Have a GREAT YEAR - May the blessing of the LORD carry you through with ease!

LeTicia Lee

Author & Producer

My Love is One - TELL THEM!

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