Friday, July 23, 2021

LOVE is the Only WAY to SURVIVE

While we are so eager to explore the universe outside our own planet, other life forms seem more curious about what is going on here on earth. There have been an unprecedented number of alien sightings as of this writing lately. And I can tell you; there is some activity for a very good reason.

Not only has earth shifted, but I am told earth is an experimental planet.  It’s the only planet as far as I know that has “free will”. What does that mean?

Earth is the only planet with citizens that seem completely oblivious as to how it works.  It’s not because we weren’t given proper instructions.  We did. It’s called the Holy Bible, Tenach, Torah. (See Psalm 14)

However, todays “leaders” seem to think they have it all under control. They believe they know better than Ancient Truths. 

"Get your vax.  Smoke a joint (they say it’s legal now) and chill." That's how I interpret the overall message anyway. It's subject to your own interpretation.

Conversely, the Ancients, the Elders, the family owned farms/farmers etc. of yester years followed the cycles of the moon and sun. They took action in alignment with the proper seasons.

They understood how to rotate crops to retain the crops highest intrinsic nutritional value. Consequently, they lived hundreds of years. These are all verifiable facts.

They believed that the Creator used the earth to form the outer layer of man known as the physical body. Therefore, they (humans) were connected to the earth.

They also understood the soul of man was an eternal spirit connected to its Creator. Therefore, they were connected to their GOD. They understood prayer was an essential line of communication. 

With these basic understandings, they understood the seasons of sowing and reaping (cause and effect). There would be consequences when things were out of balance.

Can you imagine the long term impact of nuclear testing on earth and its people? Are scientists just not aware that earth came with a built in protective bubble like shield? Aren't there magnetic forces outside that shield? Is there really such a thing as "safe" remote nuclear testing? Or such a thing as "safe" genocidal warfare? (Jeremiah 33)

When reading this, can you see why other planets would wonder why a people that calls itself "intelligent life" would destroy any part of its own house and think the rest to be "safe" even superior? Crazy when you see it written so plainly. Right?

We're not even going to get started about the long term implications of fracking. Most people don't really think of the earth as a living specimen. And now that global warming has unearthed specimen that lived over a million years ago, creatures that lived even before man was created, one has to also wonder. 

Do scientists and paleontologists consider what ancient viruses may have existed then that may now be re-born under examination in a warm petri dish with these new scientific experiments? Do we really want to resurrect the dinosaur? That's like unearthing human skeletons of people who died from the ebola virus in another hundred thousand years. 

There was even a time, not too long ago, when people would literally break out into leprosy or other skin ailments when they sent out cruel words unchecked.  That's how sensitive our planet, earth is.

We are at another pivotal point in history.  Call it a built in “self-correcting” mechanism if you will. 

Psalm72:7 in the Bible/Torah says only the “righteous” will see the “kingdom of heaven”… essentially… the new earth aka The Promised Land.  It means those who can survive to see it.  (See Chapter 12 Book of Daniel) It's all there. Look for yourself.

However, there is some good news. There is a higher dimension where only good thoughts and good vibrations can survive. It's a vibrational state that is immune to evil, sickness, and disease.  

See, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered,
nor will they come to mind. Isaiah 65:17

Jews didn’t make it at Mount Sinai. Even though they initially overcame Pharaoh and escaped “slavery,” they still carried anger for Pharaoh in their hearts and minds. Some still do. 

Here we are again 3,000 years later.  Are you ready?

Are we as humans now ready? Can we “play nice” in unity? Can we and our planet enter this new realm “together as one united entity”? 

Can we overcome our "differences" and see we are one humanity on one shared home planet called earth? Can we overcome pride and ignorance? Will we acknowledge the Eternal,  Living Creator...GOD in time? The One and only who has all the answers.  

Love is the only way to survive this new earth.  Pray.  Ask.  Get answers. 

You don’t need a space ship or a billion dollars to get there. The “Mothership” has already landed. It was always here. It resides in your heart.  You just need to make the connection.  

But first, you must endure the battle of Gog vs Magog. Watch all 4 episodes of My Love is One TELL THEM! to learn what that is.

Shema Yisrael,  Adonai eloheinu. Adonai echad.


LeTicia Lee is the Author of My Love is One (What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change & The Second Coming) Find the book and documentary series at www.TellThem.Live  

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