Monday, September 6, 2021

Set Your Intention for a NEW and BETTER Year. Reflect. Pray. Love. Restore.

If you are watching the news daily, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Not just about the wildfires, hurricanes, and floods, but about the overwhelming evidence of the season humanity finds itself.

The writer of this blog is decidedly not Jewish (or of any religion per se for that matter) but follows and honors the true and living GOD and the Hebrew Calendar because the evidence is overwhelming. 

It also helps that this writer has had multiple divine encounters with the true and living GOD which is chronicled in the book, My Love is One. We hope to have the Third and Final Edition of  My Love is One out very soon. 

Meanwhile, we would like to share some content as we bring the year 5781 (again on the Hebrew calendar) to a close and prepare to welcome the New Year 5782. (See Rosh Hashanah and the Day of Atonement 10 days later, Yom Kippur)

You may be wondering what we mean by all this. Most of what we share is from what was learned in those divine meetings. You will be glad to know that many of you will soon have your own divine meetings (a.k.a. Day of Visitation) and many have already had them though not aware (yet). The King is in the Field and enjoying himself (for the most part) as many are now finally calling upon Him in truth. 💞 He LOVES that!

Listened to our podcasts yet? Read the book? You should. (See links in right column.)

Hashem (GOD) Brachas (Blessings) Mitzvot (Acts of Charity) Chesed (Love/Kindness))

Since the earth follows the lunar (moon) cycles, we embrace the Hebrew calendar as that will be most accurate for what is happening in society today.  Yet ironically, we are also warned not to bring anything down from the moon to earth as the dust therein has greater impact than man knows and/or is prepared to handle.  

May he be reverenced as the sun endures, and as long as the moon, throughout all generations. Psalm 72:5

In fact, much of  man's technology, nuclear testing and "space ventures" have broken the "protective shield" which once covered earth and opened "portals" that have invited "various" foreign entities and energies. Daily prayer in schools (i.e. "One Nation Under GOD indivisible with freedom and justice for all") was also a protective shield. Humanity will soon (eventually) discover only GOD's Spiritual path (Hand of GOD) can protect people in this era forward in that way. Previous error will ultimately be used for the good of humanity for those who choose it.

Most people assume that when I post these notes of encouragement that I am a Jewish convert but that is not so. The true and living GOD does not separate but unites. 

Hebrew is simply the language that was used to create earth, galaxies, and all living matter. It also contains many solutions that humanity seeks today. Many authorities know it but can't profit from it  like pharmaceuticals et al so it is not universally shared. But you must learn that for yourself. 

In truth, I have not found any religion that shares 100% of the truth that only the true Living GOD can. That truth is way too infinite to contain in any one book. However, I have found the Old Testament (Tenach) comes pretty close to doing that. It's a mystical Book that tells the history (past), current news (present), and the future (foresees) all at once. 

Moses did not stop at Mount Sinai, as many would have you think, but made many personal worldwide visits thereafter seeking others. There is a reason no one saw where Moses (aka Moshe) was "buried". That was just a stubborn group. 

But Moses' mission did not die. He had great merit. Moses conquered Death. 

His appearance is very lean as he relies more on Spirit (a.k.a The Great Spirit)  than food substance for life and thus appears more skeletal than man. It was admittedly a bit distracting for me at first as well. But His truthful teachings keep one engaged.

He had (has) divine purpose that is being fulfilled even to this day with or without those who believe themselves to be "the chosen only". (See podcast) We do hope they will also return soon. Likely.

Various other groups, including the Indigenous People have preserved much of humanity's history via traditional oral storytelling to some degree even better than the Hebrews Moses' freed from Egypt the first time. They refer to Moses as Maasaw

He organized them into tribes, tribal elders, councils and gave them den mothers and lived amongst them for quite awhile. See it in Isaiah 11 in the Bible. He taught them how to dwell together peacefully and promised to return. 

6The wolf will live with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the goat;

the calf and young lion and fatling will be together, and a little child will lead them.

7The cow will graze with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. The infant will play by the cobra’s den, and the toddler will reach into the viper’s nest. They will neither harm nor destroy on all My holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the sea is full of water. Isaiah 11:6-9

Unfortunately, Native Americans thought Christopher Columbus was Maasaw returning but it was not so. They are familiar with Hebrew teachings, including tefillah (but it's even more spiritual/directly opens heart and mind of the male or female student for personal relationship/teachings) and received authentic prophecies drawn on the Big Rock (a.k.a. Prophecy Rock) rather than on tablets.

Unfortunately they were confused/distracted by some of the similarities in the Pilgram's Christian and Catholic teachings. They soon realized that these people (Europeans) were not from the One they anticipated. 

Yet, they too still wait in great anticipation. The Indigenous people and other nations worldwide have experienced many authentic divine visitations. Their hope is not lost. The promise will be (is being)  fulfilled.
Just know that GOD can not be limited. If anyone does not fulfill his/her purpose, there is always another in the wings who will. The ultimate plan never ends. The means to achieve it may vary.  But GOD can not fail. People sometimes fail, but GOD does not fail. 

Arrogance is a likened to a crime in the Kingdom of the Most High. After all, when one meets the King in the Field, He is most humble. So how can anyone say, He will do it this way for us or through "our people".  It's not so. 

ALL and EVERYTHING belongs to the Creator. He looks for humility, truth, respect and honor as that is what and who He is. I know. It's amazing that He speaks to me at all. 

I apologize if I have come across as arrogant in any way in any of these teachings. He really doesn't like it.  I don't know it all. I just know what I have learned. It's a lot and it's ongoing. But soon, you will know too.

No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, ‘Know the LORD,’ because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest,” declares the LORD. “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” Jeremiah 31:34

While it may be difficult for some to believe, the Eternal tells (creates and thus created) the past, present, and future all at once.  Do we (humanity) have a choice? Is it already decided? 

Well, let's just say EVERY possible choice is (available to you). But the END is always LOVE. Because the Creator can not create anything other than that. It's just a matter of how long it will take for you to figure that out to be true for you. 😘

Journaling can help you let go of old hurts from the past. Learn from them. Ask for God's help. Set better intentions for yourself in the year ahead. 

Don't be so hard on yourself. We are all learning. Forgive yourself and others. Make room for truth, love, healing, and personal growth. It's ongoing. (See Ana B'Koach prayer)

Meanwhile, if you haven't done so already, read the book My Love is One (though we highly recommend the 3rd edition when it's ready as the first two editions still contain many errors). Watch the movie My Love is One TELL THEM! when it becomes available to you.

If you can't find the movie, it's because it didn't get enough support initially. Your donations can help keep the movie and this content circulating as well as any other content we are provided to share worldwide. But rest assured, ultimately GOD provides everything we need.  

So if you come here regularly, please help by making a donation of any size. You can do so anonymously if you like.

Hey, listen to our podcasts! We've only been given 3 to post  (thus far) for the My Love is One podcast series but hey who knows? They are packed with content that hasn't been shared before (except in the My Love is One book of course).

Shana Tova! Have a SWEET, healthy, loving and prosperous YEAR! We love you. We really do!

Yours Friends at

The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple. Psalm 19:7-14

Shema Yisrael. Adonai Eloheinu. Adonai Echad.

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Saturday, August 14, 2021

A NEW World for the BEST Version of YOU

As we await this horrific coronavirus pandemic to pass through... and it will eventually (unfortunately with some casualties), we are given the time to contemplate what's most important to each and all of us.  What matters most to you in life? 

If you've got a loving family, true friends, good health, a career that more than pays the bills and feels more like play than work, a clean safe home, daily nutritious food and topped off with a great sense of humor, you're rich. Count your blessings. 

Really. Can't say it enough. Count your #BLESSINGS. What may have seemed like just a saying in the past, will soon become a #LIFEstyle. #gratitude 

We've been repeating the same message for nearly a decade now.  We also recommended people read the Old Testament of the Bible.  There would be a "final exam" of sorts. Most people thought (and still do) that we were joking. Not really.

Most simply find these messages "entertaining" at best. But it's a real message. It's a message that can help preserve your life. Literally 

These are real messages based upon real meetings with real divine messengers that gave ALL the ANSWERS before the TEST (Day of Visitation) commenced. It has. (in case you didn't notice)

Every time we share it, we get the equivalent to a nice pat on the head. "That's nice."  

I sincerely think that most people who read these blog posts and take them as simply "entertaining" watch too much "reality tv" style programs. Perhaps virtual reality games are their cup of tea. So I will let them continue on their way.

But some will wisely juice this message. They will hold on to it for dear life. 

"So what are you saying? Will this NEW World be based on our BEHAVIOUR"

First, let me clarify that NEW WORLD as in NEW and improved EARTH not NEW WORLD ORDER with encrypted messages and secret societies. Most of these simply cause confusion and chaos. They were intended to do so. However, the Bible is also encrypted. That's different. It's a soul book only to be understood by the soul...Anyway... Back to what we were saying...

"Again, are you saying this NEW  and improved WORLD is based on our BEHAVIOUR"?

In a sense, yes. That sums it up pretty well. 

Each person will reap what they sow more directly. There will be less delay time as there has been in the past. It will be much easier to see "upon reflection" why certain things happen based upon previous thoughts, words and actions. 


Yes, no creepos can hide from this.  btw, Let's hope for all the women out there that enough men can survive this. 

Guys can get pretty weird with their imagine-ings aka fantasies.... Personally, I'm not ready for an all woman's world. (Female leaders yes. Predominately female population not so much. That's just me.) Balance is fine. 

Isaiah 13:12 is one of the rare places in the Bible that actually means men and not just humanity in general.  This is because more men entertain greed, lust, corruption, and perversity than women. Though it applies to some women too.

So guys, get your act together... PLEASE... Control your THOUGHTS! Thoughts become things (matter in the real world). Pervs and con artists can not survive this. Thank God! REAL and godly wanted/needed!


Thoughts, words and actions? THOUGHTS,WORDS  and actions? THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS?

Somebody please change the record to the flip side. Yes, THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS. 

“Am I only a God nearby,” declares the LORD, “and not a God far away?” “Can a man hide in secret places where I cannot see him?” declares the LORD.

“Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” declares the LORD. Jeremiah 23:7-8

It's both brilliant and terrifying. Brilliant as it gives each person a small window to reflect on what he/she said or did to bring goodness or harm to another life. 

Great because the appropriate and generous giving (and thinking) is good and rewarded. Bad because the selfish and cruel thoughts and behavior have dire consequences even if fantasized! Wish I was joking! But I'm not.

Individuals and companies will soon realize they have run out of excuses.  If humanity couldn't voluntarily correct its behavior in the past,  it (humanity) will soon do so to survive. 

Love truly is key. You simply can not fake love and generosity.... at least not for long. It's not just for the high holidays. It's a NEW and BETTER way of LIFE. Are you getting this?

There's no hiding, dodging, passing the buck or using AI as an excuse. "It wasn't me; it was the computer," simply won't work. 

Computers can't think independently and they don't have a conscious. Hopefully, you do. Take heed.

By the way, if you haven't watched all four episodes of My Love is One TELL THEM!, you're missing out on some our greatest blog posts... Really.  It's beyond!

Most of you don't even realize we're in the middle of a war.... You're ALL participating in the BIGGEST war EVER, and you don't even KNOW it.  For seriously!

Pay attention. It's in the DOCUMENTARY. How many times do we have to TELL YOU?

Meanwhile, simmer down. Read the Book of Jeremiah Chapters 22, 23 and 33 in entirety.  You can handle it. If you can READ this, then READ that. See (some of ) you later.... Maybe. Hopefully. 


LeTicia Lee is author of My Love is One (What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change & The Second Coming).

... Tell them, ‘I AM’ sent me to you. Exodus 3:14

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Friday, July 23, 2021

LOVE is the Only WAY to SURVIVE

While we are so eager to explore the universe outside our own planet, other life forms seem more curious about what is going on here on earth. There have been an unprecedented number of alien sightings as of this writing lately. And I can tell you; there is some activity for a very good reason.

Not only has earth shifted, but I am told earth is an experimental planet.  It’s the only planet as far as I know that has “free will”. What does that mean?

Earth is the only planet with citizens that seem completely oblivious as to how it works.  It’s not because we weren’t given proper instructions.  We did. It’s called the Holy Bible, Tenach, Torah. (See Psalm 14)

However, todays “leaders” seem to think they have it all under control. They believe they know better than Ancient Truths. 

"Get your vax.  Smoke a joint (they say it’s legal now) and chill." That's how I interpret the overall message anyway. It's subject to your own interpretation.

Conversely, the Ancients, the Elders, the family owned farms/farmers etc. of yester years followed the cycles of the moon and sun. They took action in alignment with the proper seasons.

They understood how to rotate crops to retain the crops highest intrinsic nutritional value. Consequently, they lived hundreds of years. These are all verifiable facts.

They believed that the Creator used the earth to form the outer layer of man known as the physical body. Therefore, they (humans) were connected to the earth.

They also understood the soul of man was an eternal spirit connected to its Creator. Therefore, they were connected to their GOD. They understood prayer was an essential line of communication. 

With these basic understandings, they understood the seasons of sowing and reaping (cause and effect). There would be consequences when things were out of balance.

Can you imagine the long term impact of nuclear testing on earth and its people? Are scientists just not aware that earth came with a built in protective bubble like shield? Aren't there magnetic forces outside that shield? Is there really such a thing as "safe" remote nuclear testing? Or such a thing as "safe" genocidal warfare? (Jeremiah 33)

When reading this, can you see why other planets would wonder why a people that calls itself "intelligent life" would destroy any part of its own house and think the rest to be "safe" even superior? Crazy when you see it written so plainly. Right?

We're not even going to get started about the long term implications of fracking. Most people don't really think of the earth as a living specimen. And now that global warming has unearthed specimen that lived over a million years ago, creatures that lived even before man was created, one has to also wonder. 

Do scientists and paleontologists consider what ancient viruses may have existed then that may now be re-born under examination in a warm petri dish with these new scientific experiments? Do we really want to resurrect the dinosaur? That's like unearthing human skeletons of people who died from the ebola virus in another hundred thousand years. 

There was even a time, not too long ago, when people would literally break out into leprosy or other skin ailments when they sent out cruel words unchecked.  That's how sensitive our planet, earth is.

We are at another pivotal point in history.  Call it a built in “self-correcting” mechanism if you will. 

Psalm72:7 in the Bible/Torah says only the “righteous” will see the “kingdom of heaven”… essentially… the new earth aka The Promised Land.  It means those who can survive to see it.  (See Chapter 12 Book of Daniel) It's all there. Look for yourself.

However, there is some good news. There is a higher dimension where only good thoughts and good vibrations can survive. It's a vibrational state that is immune to evil, sickness, and disease.  

See, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered,
nor will they come to mind. Isaiah 65:17

Jews didn’t make it at Mount Sinai. Even though they initially overcame Pharaoh and escaped “slavery,” they still carried anger for Pharaoh in their hearts and minds. Some still do. 

Here we are again 3,000 years later.  Are you ready?

Are we as humans now ready? Can we “play nice” in unity? Can we and our planet enter this new realm “together as one united entity”? 

Can we overcome our "differences" and see we are one humanity on one shared home planet called earth? Can we overcome pride and ignorance? Will we acknowledge the Eternal,  Living Creator...GOD in time? The One and only who has all the answers.  

Love is the only way to survive this new earth.  Pray.  Ask.  Get answers. 

You don’t need a space ship or a billion dollars to get there. The “Mothership” has already landed. It was always here. It resides in your heart.  You just need to make the connection.  

But first, you must endure the battle of Gog vs Magog. Watch all 4 episodes of My Love is One TELL THEM! to learn what that is.

Shema Yisrael,  Adonai eloheinu. Adonai echad.


LeTicia Lee is the Author of My Love is One (What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change & The Second Coming) Find the book and documentary series at www.TellThem.Live  

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength". Deuteronomy 6:5

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hey! Stop SHAKING the JAR!

I recently came across a group of Jewish people discussing antisemitism on Twitter. Ironically, at the same time this same group was criticizing North Americans "ill fitting" general definition (in their opinion)  of  "white Jews" by including Jews from the Middle East and North Africa because of their light complexion. Most "white" Jews identity that particular group as "Sephardic Jews".  

Now, you and I and many others many not see a difference. But they do.  The same discussion takes place worldwide in various communities worldwide (i.e. Asians, Latinos, African Diaspora etc.) 

The primary topic is: Do light skin people receive better treatment than their darker skin brethren? Is one person better than another simply because of one's hue?  It's been a ridiculous (in my opinion) long standing debate for centuries. Yet  and still these communities judge harshest amongst themselves. 

 It's called "intra-racism". That's "internalized racism".

But here is the unifying factor. Make a racist comment toward Jews, African Americans, Latinos or Asians and suddenly they are unified as ONE man for the battle.  It's both beautiful and horrifying.  

Beautiful when they are united. Horrifying because the cycle keeps repeating itself and those within don't seem to see it. There is an old saying that goes something like, "remove the enemy from within and you will no longer see the enemy without."

It's like someone saying the left hand hates the right hand or visa versa. Now, everyone knows your right hand NEEDS its left hand and visa versa. Right? After all, it belongs to the same ONE BODY! 

Apply that to ANY antagonistic group situation you will. It's still applicable. I guarantee; you will always come to the same conclusion. That is if you are watching/observing objectively. 

The two hands is my favorite analogy. Everyone seems to understand it.

So the question as posed by a wise man on Twitter is, "Who shook the jar?"  Could it be that the Divine "shakes the jar" to ultimately create UNITY? Could it be?

Is humanity too fragile, sensitive and numb to see it?  Isn't it all a form of self-hatred to some extent?

It's not one individual or group being better than the other. It's one individual or group feeling a sense of or having a need to feel superior over another individual or group. That's what racism is.

Does it matter who shook the jar at all? No. Perhaps the next time, we can all stop to see the catalyst behind the Hand that shook the jar is "we" ourselves. 

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! Psalm 133:1

When we learn to see and love ourselves in every living creature, we can see the UNITY in our existence. By doing so, we can stop destroying ourselves, our planet, and each other.

Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor, and not suffer sin upon him. Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:17-18

Know thyself. LOVE thyself. Respect thyself.

Only then can you truly love and respect your neighbor. That LOVE truly is DIVINE.

Love & Peace,

LeTicia Lee

Author of My Love is One

Producer of  the Documentary My Love is One TELL THEM!

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

LIFE in the Balance.

After living in NYC for several years mostly in my early twenties, I would often partake in the New York Art of "people watching". Unlike most cities large and small in the world, New York City is a place where people like to "stand out" and not fit in. It's fun to watch and also be one of them.

It was the perfect place for me to "find myself". By that, I mean allow my true self to blossom. Everyone should. Blossom.

"For I know the plans I have towards you declares the LORD, plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11 

Unlike so many others who struggle with themselves, I didn't come to New York to "come out". I didn't have any strange or sexual secrets. I was just a "normal" heterosexual girl with loads of gifts, talents, and intellect, that  some people tried to suffocate by telling me I was odd. 

Although I did well academically, I learned early that the education system was designed to make me (students) conform to the status quo. But I was bursting with ideas, innovative products, books, films, and fashion whose time had not yet come.... until now. 

I was fortunate. I didn't conform. When I did, I stopped growing (developing). 

Stagnation is the kiss of death for a gifted, talented, or brilliant person. Ultimately, we are all gifted, talented, and brilliant at different levels in some way.

 Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my favorite scriptures.  I embrace it like the subtle fragrance of a flower.  Whenever I forget who I am, I recall the scripture and the flower within me blooms again.

Oh yeah, I do also have the added grace of speaking with GOD. Most gifted people do. But so do you. You just don't know it yet. 

I've said it many time before, but I'll say it again. This is the Age where the LORD is opening the Door to "invite you back" into the "conversation". It's a real and authentic conversation with your soul. Everyone has it. 

Unfortunately, well meaning parents, schools, education systems, and most pre-COVID-19 job environments taught cookie cutter conformity. However, we are all unique. There is no real progress with conformity. Each person learns differently. Laws are necessary. But conformity is not. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, we learned that our current education system does not teach or display the spectrum of the worlds vast culture and history. It's massive! Children need to learn about themselves and the diversity of cultures (not various sexual options as they need to learn about themselves first and foremost not their "sexuality" which is what some organizations call diversity). 

Cultural awareness gives youth a sense of confidence in themselves and respect for their fellow human who may come from a different cultural background. First and foremost, we all belong to the human tribe. Let's start there.

The human tribe is very complex. Though ONE tribe, we are a diverse and complex ONE. The Creator of the Universe, the Almighty God, created us that way. 

First, we must see each other as you would a sibling. We come from the same Family but we are not the same.

Next, we each have certain emotional needs that must be met. We must learn how to #LOVE and respect ourselves before we can truly LOVE others.

The RESULTS of a written or oral test/exam does not define you.  Memorizing information does not teach anyone how to THINK.

Many BRILLIANT people did not do so well academically. Some found an environment where they could BLOOM because just as the fish needs water, a gifted person must RELEASE (share)  his/her gifts/talents to BREATHE.  They MUST because that's what they were DESIGNED to do.

People are not ROBOTS. Your career/job or title does not define you.

We learned during the COVID19 lockdown that many people can work and be productive outside the confines of a 9-5.  There will always be some people who need supervision because quite frankly, they lack discipline. 

Others have shown they can work and even perform better unsupervised. They can complete their work, create, and thrive in a remote environment whether it be at home, while on vacay (vacation/holiday) or from a remote island on the beach. You get the idea.

If we learned one thing during COVID19, let it be that we need each other. We need to respect our fellow human(s). We need to respect and love ourselves. 

Let's embrace CHANGE. That means changing school curriculums. There is no need to complicate what was never broken. 1+2=3  and 5x2=10 See? Easy.

Children need culture. That's diverse social studies not necessarily diverse social media.  They (students) need arts, music, science, and math.  They need time, space and freedom to THINK, play, and PRAY. They need space to dream, create, and blossom. 

Yes, they still need boundaries as well. I repeat. Children NEED boundaries. That's life in balance.  If they break any rules later, it's really only an extension of what is. Just try not to  intentionally break any hearts or hurt any living creatures along the way.


They are the future.  Let them break your (adults/parents/teachers) mold. That's innovation.

 They may not do it your way. Because it (their way) may be a NEW and better way. Sometimes you just have to let them figure it out and pray it turns out well. Just be there in case they fall. Sometimes they will. 

Is it easy? No! Is it WORTH it? Yes!

Depression is a sign of regret(s) of the past actions/events that can not be changed. Anxiety is fear or lack of preparation for future events that may or may not come or are yet to be. 

The Present is the only place where change can take place. Prayer and meditation calm the mind, increase faith and feed the soul.

Encourage them. Failure is part of life. That's where real learning happens. But get up and keep going.

They NEED to hear the Voice of Life's  GREATEST Composer. GOD lives in EVERY heart. 

Give it time. Trust. Have faith. Flowers need time to blossom. 

Children also need fertilizer, water, and sunshine.  That's real progress. Our (humanity's) survival will ultimately depend on their success/failure to recover and embrace that Super Nova Voice (purpose) within.  Life moves forward.

LET GO, listen  and  TRUST the process. Try to remember, you were once a child and teenager too. 


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

LeTicia Lee is author of My Love is One (book) and producer of the documentary My Love is One TELL THEM!. Find both at TellThem.Live

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Speak KOSHER to Me - 100 Blessings Daily

It's been seven weeks since Passover! Jews celebrate Shavout. It's when Moses summarized The Ten Recommendations from Heaven for next generation lessons on survival (aka "The 10 Commandments). Christians celebrate Pentecost.  That's when they received the Holy Spirit (The Counselor). But Jews fell asleep and didn't really understand the full message. Christians also fell asleep but didn't and don't know. By that, I mean they didn't get the whole story. The Holy Spirit is the REAL Story. 

Ironically, when Jews and Christians didn't get the "full story", The Messiah, Moshiach, Maasaw, "The Peacemaker" went elsewhere until someone did listen. The people he did find, do listen. 

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Meanwhile the world scratches its head; and if wise, each person is just grateful to be ALIVE. Why shouldn't they be? If you're reading this, you're just glad to be alive. Right? Then say so!

Much of what the world takes for granted is a gift. #LIFE is a GIFT. Look around you. Watch the news. Food, clothing shelter, water, the air we breathe. It's all a blessing (bracha) from GOD (Hashem).

Ever watch people bless their food and sit there uncomfortably until they finish praying? Many do. But while so many celebrate being "vaccinated" from the horrid coronavirus, others stand on Psalm 91 and others wait still and ask, God is that you? Is this ok? That's wisdom.

WISDOM asks for guidance DAILY. Massive changes are taking place in our society. What was once "normal" may not have really been so "normal" after all. They may have just been natural systems in place that we as a society abused, ignored, or worse, tried to change.

We're not saying pray and do nothing. We're just saying connect your science and technology to Almighty God so you can stop guessing. After all, there has never been a time in history that the Creator did not provide a solution before a problem (man made) occurred.

Society may seem to be advancing on the surface, but in truth it is not. There were many more advanced technologies in our history before. They have been lost to society because nature had to "reset" as it seems to be preparing to do again. Will we ever learn?

Whether or not anyone believes me (I wrote about it in my book, My Love is One), changes are taking place to correct man made errors. Nature always balances itself. 

Earth was here before humanity. It was placed here to help, not hurt, humanity to survive and even thrive. The earth is alive, and above all else so is the Almighty Creator of the Universe. 

The Earth witnessed Cain murdering Abel, told GOD and has been crying ever since. The Earth is divulging secrets that no man can hide. The Earth Audit is real. Earth is SHOUTING. GOD is listening. 

If you want to live too, count your blessings (brachas) daily and seek guidance for your personal, business, financial, health, and family needs. Prayer is the supernatural channel to God's 24/7 Telephone line. I should know. I call daily.  

It wouldn't hurt to watch the documentary My Love is One TELL THEM! You may learn a few things. I did.  VIEWER BEWARE. You literally have to say ALOUD you want to LIVE to enter each episode. Yes, really.... (Choose life that you and your seed may live.)

May the LORD BLESS you with multiple brachas for reading and sharing this blog post today! Yom Tov!

LeTicia Lee

Author My Love is One

Producer My Love is One TELL THEM!

"Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say. When a farmer plows for planting, does he plow continually? Does he keep on breaking up and working the soil? When he has leveled the surface, does he not sow caraway and scatter cumin?

Does he not plant wheat in its place, barley in its plot, and spelt in its field? His God instructs him and teaches him the right way. " Isaiah 28:23-26

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Free to Live. Time for Change. (The Secret Cure is in your Hands.)

Free to Live. Time for Change.

We're nearing the end of Passover 2021 (Pesach 5781 on the Hebrew Calendar) also known as the season of Redemption. It's a season of miracles and breakthroughs. This is universal and requires no religious affiliation though it has seemed so for millenniums. Universal because if you apply the right laws, you will get the results. So if you need help today, and I think we all do, keep reading this post. 

    I've been contemplating what to say or if in fact anything further needs to be said as it pertains to divine messages, encounters and miracles. I am not Jewish, Christian (any longer) or Muslim nor desire to be so. In fact, I do not profess any religion. 

    Personally, I found religion made me biased and therefore difficult to interpret the TRUTH that has illuded humanity from the start. However, I do consider myself one aligned with the spiritual principles that govern life. I do believe in and  use my time, gifts, resources and talents to serve the true and living God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

    Life is something we all need to learn more about as man attempts to redesign it to his own liking which is often contrary to the laws of nature. Hence, the urgency of this post during COVID19.

    Many of the lessons I have learned are historical facts some of which I will uncover and share herein. If you feel so inclined, after your own investigation, please share what you learn by forwarding this blog post. You'll soon see what I mean. Read on.

    It's April 2, 2021. It's been a year since the worldwide coronavirus pandemic started (March 2020). Most people are waiting for things to return to "normal". Others have resolved to accept that changes are occurring that were inevitable.  

It's a time of reckoning. And it's actually good. What's that you're saying? Standby. Hear me out.

Sure, it's uncomfortable. But depending upon where you live, where you're from and how you were raised, there have been some much needed hard conversations society has been forced to have in the past year. Most of it has been about how we treat people and the environment. It's been difficult but very cathartic.

In a very short period of time, corporations and individuals have had to confront systemic racism like never before. Secret and subtle racist conduct that was once widely accepted as the "norm" by society has suddenly been brought to the court room of social media justice and seen for what it truly is.  Inhumane.

The world watched George Floyd (a black man) being murdered on national television as a white police officer (now on trial) held his knee on said George Floyd's neck until life left his body. For the first time, while sitting at home with no distractions, the world watched one black man after another chased, chastised, and often murdered simply because of the color of his skin. 

Had  society been busy working 9-5, it may have been a byline in the news. But while sitting at home, waiting for updates of what's to come, there was one incident after another which became known as the "Black Live Matter"  Movement. No one watching these events, recorded and watched by real people, could deny what the media once brushed under the rug. Society has an unresolved race issue.

Corporations did a self-check and realized many of them had been (un)intentionally participating by blocking people of color and women from adding valuable content and perspective to their product representation even though many of these same people were the consumers they wanted to reach. Ironically, I would say corporations improved the most in the shortest period of time. 

But don't get excited. By no coincidence, the stock market was suddenly swollen with bored millennials using their extra pandemic time and stimulus dollars making social impact investments online. This generation has purpose and a desire for change. 

    They are a generation like none before. They are willing to stand for truth, march for change, and use their wallets to illicit said change. Corporations got the memo and switched gears fast. That's part one.

Now for the environment. You may have noticed, the atmosphere has changed. It's almost as controversial as the healing of racism, but even more dire. 

Secretly, scientists and scholars know the season we are in is one of life or death. Summer is near. People want to go out to play. But the "specialists" know it's still not yet safe to do so. At least not to go out and socialize without masks. Even if people are vaccinated, they need to be patient. The COVID19 (coronavirus) cases are still rising. 

Many of  the elite have opted to personally invest in space travel (a.k.a. "escapism"). We'll all laugh together about this one day, but for now I know you come to my blog to hear some truth that will make the world stand at attention. I won't let you down.

But here's the deal. The days of waiting for your government to "do something" has come to an end. Let's get real. The weather is doing things a little wacky and unpredictable. Some people are still looking to their government to do something about this.... erratic weather. Once again, we'll laugh about this one day. What exactly is it that you want your government to do...about the weather? 

Truth be told (and you know that's what we do here) much of the erratic weather has to do with nuclear testing, genetic warfare experimentation, and you.  Yes, you play a part.  

    If you've learning nothing else, you need to know that you, me and all of us do have some say so on all that will transpire next globally. The problem is, you don't know your power. 

Social change. Check. March on Washington. Check. Climate change. Well. That's not so easy. But it's also not that hard either. Why?

Because your words (breath - Ruach) has contributed to the state of the atmosphere to some degree. I didn't say your words alone... but your words multiplied by nearly 8 billion people on social media did and does. How?

Your words have more IMPACT than you think. The problem is that most people don't know it.  How you SPEAK and THINK sends a force into the atmosphere that has impact (good or evil) that requires a response by nature. 

        It's simple Physics 101. Cause and Effect. This is where spiritual laws and science align. Ever heard of the God particle?  Ask scientists. They said it not me.

Gossip, lies, cruelty, shouting, anger, hatred, depression, cursing all have a negative impact on the earth's atmosphere.  The Bible says that as long as the seasons remain and the sun and the moon, there will be a season of sowing and reaping. So earth will eventually reap what it has sent out into the universe like a radio wave message or pendulum, Now I know you want it to be more complicated than that. But it's not. 

    Some will even double down and amplify this area by cursing, shouting and having a melt down. But it is not wise. It always comes back to the one who sends it.

    Conversely, your words to yourself and to others of love, kindness, respect, acts of generosity, faith, well wishes to others, honor, giving and moments of calm and quiet have the opposite effect. It compels healing to the body, mind, soul, and earth.  These are the basic laws of nature. Yet most still don't know them. 

    Yes, even your feelings thoughts and actions impact the earth. It's all energy. We're still talking basic science and physics here.  But  you can also read it in the Book of Genesis 8:22. 

Your body was designed with the elements of the earth. Sound too hippy-ish for you? Too fanatical? That's ok. It's not but it's still ok. 

        Stop and ask yourself what the effects of seeding genetically modified foods into the earth. Then go a step further. What happens to the inner structure of people who consistently eat processed and genetically modified foods? Everything (earth and humans) is out of balance. And nature always balances itself out. Ironically, humans do also, but we keep interrupting the "process".

 The truth is as old as time (older) and as new as the era we're approaching. It is a period of Higher Consciousness/Awareness. Some call it the Messianic Era.

The Messianic Era is not just a time when a heavenly God comes down to earth.  God is omnipotent so the Creator has always been present. Humanity is just becoming aware. It's actually a time when you are being invited to reveal and connect to the Higher YOU! You help connect heaven (upper world) to earth (lower world). That is some of you. Those who choose to use this time to do so.

 My Love is One TELL THEM! Documentary

While it truly is the Messianic Era. Some of you will connect to the TRUTH as the Messiah brings you UP to a higher level of thinking and being. Lessons are often taught either while you sleep at night or through daily intuition. 

Now, some of you have just dropped out but you shouldn't. Because it's not a religious age nor is it hypnosis. In fact, it never was. Certain groups of people made it into a religion and that only caused division.  But we all share the same House called Earth. Think about it.

        It's simply your soul being restored to its Creator. Like activating your smartphone or ipad but far more sophisticated. If you continue, we will give you the Guide to accomplishing this for yourself.

Now, I'm not going to tell you how I know, because if you're here, you've already heard my story. If not get the book, My Love is One. Read it for yourself. I'll get around to editing the typos at some point but you'll get the idea. I was in a hurry. I still am.

Some of you don't have the discipline to read a book, so you can watch the documentary, My Love is One TELL THEM!  I recommend both. I'm also going to give you a freebie (as I do) to help.  

    After all, if you haven't guessed by now, the planet (earth) is on a slow boil. And only you can help slow or stop it altogether. Thus the pc term "global warming".

It's like watching a frog in a pot of hot water. If the water boiled fast, the frog would of course jump out. But a slow boil, the frog simply adjusts to the gradual increased warmth until voila... you have a cooked frog. I heard they taste like chicken, but enough with my odd analogy. I'm actually here to help.

You're mindset will determine the temperature and the extent of the (earth) healing. When I say YOU, I mean the collective YOU as a world society. But start with you, your family, and your network.

Isn't Messiah coming to save the world you ask Well, let's just say Messiah is coming and most don't know who it is. So that's the first problem. (It's in my book and documentary). Just saying.

The second is that though Messiah is coming.....society is co-writing the entry of the Messianic Era. You did good to acknowledge the bigotry you witnessed in the multiple profiling incidents of people of color (blacks, Asians, Indigenous people etc) But it's been a little slow with how society has treated people in peril coming from other countries (USA and Europe).

Remember, there was once a boat called the SS Exodus full of Jews escaping religious persecution from Europe. The USA turned them away. Turns out they were trying to escape the Holocaust.  

But Jews also didn't want to listen to Moses when he tried to prepare them for the Promised Land during the first attempted Exodus. Most of them still associated Moses with Pharoah in Egypt. 

    But how else could God defeat Pharoah except to send one who could go toe to toe having been raised side by side with him? Moses knew all Pharoah's tricks. 

But Egypt still exists and it's not a place. It's a state of mind. Though what happened in the Bible about Moses is true, there is also a metaphysical version of the story and you are experiencing it right now. It represents mental and spiritual darkness. 

Speak Kosher to Me.

 PRAYER, LOVE and PURPOSE are the most POWERFUL of the motivational ENERGY elements. It's not a fast journey. There is no competition. It is a personal life long journey. But if you FIND it, there you will also find PEACE and JOY.

The casual thinking and actions of nearly 8 billion people will determine the fate of planet earth and its inhabitants. The only control you have is over the way you THINK. I kid you not.

    Most people have never TRAINED their MINDS.  You must first prepare the soil of your own earthen vessel (mind and heart). Make sense? The question is; will you do your part?

"My son, if you receive my sayings and store up my teachings within you, make your ear open to wisdom. Turn your heart to understanding. If you cry out to know right from wrong, and lift your voice for understanding; if you look for her as silver, and look for her as hidden riches; then you will understand the fear of the Lord, and find what is known of God. For the Lord gives wisdom. Much learning and understanding come from His mouth. He stores up perfect wisdom for those who are right with Him. He is a safe-covering to those who are right in their walk. He watches over the right way, and He keeps safe the way of those who belong to Him. Then you will understand what is right and good, and right from wrong, and you will know what you should do. 10 For wisdom will come into your heart. And much learning will be pleasing to your soul. 11 Good thinking will keep you safe. Understanding will watch over you." Proverbs 2:1-11

Watch the (free) videos I've selected on this blog post. (This is not an endorsement of any of these entities.) Watch them daily for life if need be. Watch until you see/experience your own life changing for the better. That's your part.  Only those who learn and understand this will be helped. Sad but true.

Watch and you will understand. Then when you get a chance, watch the documentary, My Love is One TELL THEM!. You won't regret it. Fair enough? Good! (Part 1 is free btw).

Until next time... That is when and if  I have something else to say...... I wish you well.

Oh yeah, click the share button. It's a mitzvah. It'll go into your KB account. Trust me. 

May the LORD be with you and bless you on your journey to your Promised Land.  Happy Passover! 

LeTicia Lee


"The hand of the Lord was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. 2 He led me back and forth among them, and I saw a great many bones on the floor of the valley, bones that were very dry. 3 He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” I said, “Sovereign LORD, only you know.” Ezekiel 37:1-3

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