Thursday, March 16, 2023

Healing Ancestral PTSD Wounds - Daniel's Lesson - Part 4

In continuum of our quest for healing ancestral soul wounds and building upon certain and true promises given by the true and living God, even in the beginning, we present the next step.  It's a lesson from Daniel. 

He survived being tested in the lion's den. What is your lion's den?

Is it an unfulfilling job, career or relationship? Has someone lied, cheated or stolen from you? Is your good character being questioned for authenticity? 

Whatever it is. You can overcome it.

The truths we share are ancient tried and true. Yet, they are also prophesies being fulfilled. Therefore, in retrospect, they were futuristic until now. Ironic. Right?

"I called upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised, and have been saved from my enemies." 2 Samuel 22:4

In many ways, the story of Daniel is very similar to that of David. Allegorically speaking, they are the same story.

Daniel must survive in the lion's den by faith. David slayed the giant, Goliath, by thrusting a stone from his pouch of five smooth stones. 

What does that mean to you? Speaking plainly. Whatever difficult situation you find yourself in this world (the lion's den) can be overcome if your faith is stronger than the lies or deception of your opponent. 

"I pursued my enemies and crushed them; I did not turn back until they were destroyed." 2 Samuel 22:38

However, this is not fairy tale wishy wishy faith. This is having the Word of God firmly planted in your heart. When the oppressor squeezes you into a narrow place, your God delivers you.

Why? Because rather than toiling from a bully, you play back God's promises in your heart.

This is important as we approach Pesach (Passover). It's more than a high holiday of meals and a reading from the Haggadah (story of the Exodus and reading if the Laws). It' actually happening. Call it a "window of opportunity."

Anyone can partake. In fact, all should.

So what happened the first time? Why couldn't the Hebrews enter the Promised Land with Moses? Perhaps this parable will help.

Suppose a mother has lost her children in the wilderness and she prays and prays for their safe return. Two of her children are teenagers. Two of them are small children not even old enough to read. 

After many days, the two teenagers knock on the mother's door. She sees them. She is so elated! 

However she looks over their shoulders expecting to see the two small children also. "Where are they?" , she asks. "We don't know," they reply, "We were too busy fending for ourselves. I guess we lost them." 

The mother is very disappointed. Her teenage children could read the signs on the road. They were seasoned scouts and therefore had intrinsic survival skills. 

But what about the babies? They couldn't read yet. Nor did they know how to survive in the wilderness. 

The mother was very disappointed in her teens. How could they lose their younger siblings and think it was okay to return home without them? 

The mother tells them she is delighted to see them. But just as Jacob was unconsolable when Joseph did not return with his brothers, the mother is distraught.  She bursts into tears.

Between her sobbing, she gasps and demands her selfish teens to go out and search for the two young ones they lost along the way and don't come back without them. Just as they are half way down the road, they bump into a stranger holding the two younger siblings. There's one planted firm and securely in each arm. 

The mother sees them. She runs out to the Stranger and embraces her two smiling babies. She suddenly remembers the teens and calls them back. 

Thank God. Her family is reunited.

Should the mother be appeased by having only her two teens return home? Or do you think she was more elated and grateful for the stranger who brought the two innocent babies safely when they could not fend for themselves in the wild?

That's the story of Israel. Moses attempted to bring the Hebrews to the Promised Land. Like his early birth, they were premature.

Moses' premature birth caused him to have a speech impediment. That effected his confidence to speak to the Hebrews.

Therefore, God assigned him a middleman, Aaron. But Aaron's heart was not like Moses. 

Moses wanted all to be restored. He invited all the oppressed on the road to freedom.

However, neither the Hebrews nor strangers were fully ready. Not enough of them had the Word of God firmly planted in their hearts as a sure and true sign and covenant with Hashem.

They could not believe that this living Word was so powerful that it could lift them up and carry them through. Even though they saw for themselves. Moses demonstrated it multiple times.

But it can. And it will. The Laws of God builds and uplifts. 

Now that the Tanach (Old Testament Bible) is available in just about every language worldwide, it can be taught to all. God has always wanted all to be restored. That is all who so desire it. After all, God gave man free will. 

But I attest that Wisdom is the principal thing. If you seek Wisdom, you will do it.

As you study the pages, the Spirit of the LORD carves a place in your heart. It's not to be read once like a novel but continuously for life.

You must know it in the same way you memorize the lyrics to your favorite song or the lines in your favorite movie or TV show. No one can steal it from you.

Play it back like your favorite song. Learn it by heart.

It  takes time. Be patient.

When you do so, you begin to heal and  fulfill the promises given to your ancestors. Yes, you get their long awaited prayers answered. You! Yes, YOU DO!

Not only that. The way you secure the truth is by teaching it to your children. And you teach them to teach it.

What? Your children are grown you say. They don't listen to you? Then teach your grand children. And so it goes.

The time to prepare for Pesach (Passover) is always now. You must be of a humble heart to enter the Promised Land. 

Slay your inner beasts like David. Have a flint like face when confronted with adversity like Daniel. How?

Pray and read Torah daily.  Include God in everything you do. You will succeed. 

Many of you have received a few gifts already. But a life of good health, sound mind, peace, continuous personal growth development and prosperity awaits you. 

It never stops. Neither should you.

You were waiting for Moshiach (Messiah). But Moshiach was always waiting on you. 🙏

"He gives his king great victories; he shows unfailing love to his anointed, to David and his descendants forever." 2 Samuel 22: 51

Shalom, Mazel, and Bracha.💕

Suggested reading:  
2 Samuel Chapters 21 and 22, the Book of Daniel. As always, memorize and teach the 23rd Psalm to your children.

*btw those of you cleaning house for spring and/or the Sabbath Day  (and you should), please visit Marie Kondo online. Her "tidying up" method is very helpful.
Shema Yisrael. Adonai Eloheinu. Adonai echad. Hear O' Israel. 

The Lord our God is One.